Decorah Auction House Calendar

Decorah Auction House

Saturday, August 4th @ 9:00am ~ Ruth Bjonerud Household

Ruth Bjonerud Household Auction, More Info Coming...

Saturday, August 18th @ 9:00am ~Household & Collectible

More Info Coming...

Saturday, September 15th @ 9:00am ~ Machinery & Tools

Machinery Auction, More Info Coming

CAR/CYCLE/Tractor SHOW ~ Saturday, Nordic Fest Weekend

Saturday, July 28 ~ DECORAH ~ Click on "Download" Button below for Details!

CAR SHOW ~ Nordic Fest Weekend (pdf)


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Decorah Auction House

One Mile East of Decorah Airport Along Hwy #9

We value and take good care of our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  Phone:  (563) 382-2273

Cedar Valley Auction (DECORAH)

1668 Jordan West Rd, Decorah, Iowa 52101

(563) 382-2273


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Jared Hegtvedt, Auctioneer, 6/9/18, Cedar Valley Decorah  Auction House

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